On Sunday, May 26th, the platform will be temporarily inaccessible from 3 AM to 8 AM EST (9 AM to 2 PM CET) while the team works on updating the platform. Important: SL and TP settings WILL NOT trigger.


White label CFD platform for brokers and prop firms

Built by listening to the needs and preferences of over 2.5 million traders

Please bring on chart trading and SL/TP lot ratio in % to TradeLocker on mobile

Let your users be heard and feel understood. TradeLocker is designed by an echo of voices of over 2.5 million traders. Elegant and intuitive interface, coupled with a treasure trove of features, unfolds the future of trading at your fingertips.

Would be nice to see potential loss/ profit after trade has been placed like its showing the floating pnl
Alerts - Notifications. The most basic being price cross.

Next-gen day CFD trading platform for brokers

No downloads or annoying steps to start trading. Experience seamless trading directly from your browser on desktop, tablet and mobile, allowing you to trade anytime, anywhere.

Amazing interface

Cutting-edge interface, rich in features suitable for both novice and seasoned traders.

Swift integration

Seamlessly integrate with your existing setup, adapt to various providers, and maintain control with cost-effective pricing.

Get started with TradeLocker

The upcoming benchmark for trading platforms

Why TradeLocker?

Remarkably low setup and operational costs

Operational in under a week

24/7 maintenance and support

Support for fractional quantities and notional amounts

Integration with over 50 liquidity providers

Native mobile apps for iOS/Android

What do you get?

A trading platform tailored to your requirements

Comprehensive tools essential for operating your brokerage

Personal account manager available for direct communication

Complimentary integration with existing liquidity providers

Reliable and proven technology of financial-grade security.

Client API for trading

TradeLocker Web

Comprehensive suite of tools designed to help both novice and experienced users make quick and accurate market decisions


Charting within TradeLocker provides a dynamic canvas for traders, delivering advanced analytical capabilities, extensive drawing tools, a rich library of indicators, and customizable timeframes to empower informed trading decisions.

TradingView charting

Advanced drawing tools

100+ Indicators

Adjustable timeframes


TradeLocker offers an encompassing range of features, providing a trading experience that covers everything you need for effective and efficient trading.

On-chart trading

One-click trading

500+ assets

SL&TP calculator


TradeLocker is meticulously designed with a focus on user experience, offering an intuitive interface that simplifies navigation and enhances efficiency.

Trader-friendly interface

Pending orders

Micro lots

Partial closing

Mobile Apps

Native mobile iOS and Android apps enable trading on the go with powerful charting, simple order placing and straightforward position monitoring

Full trading capability designed for any type of instruments

Seamless switching between mobile and web apps

Watchlists synced accross all TradeLocker apps

Quick order entry and position monitor

Back Office

A web-based operations tool to monitor and manage client orders and positions, adjust risk settings, and manually manage accounts.

User management

Instrument management


Corporate actions

Revenue tools

Risk management


Tasks scheduler


Full freedom in connectivity to markets. More than 60 integrations are ready to go, and list is constantly updated with the new integrations.

Ability to choose the counterparty from the existing integrations

Ability to connect to any destination (liquidity neutral)

Unlimited concurrent connections to execution venues

API used for integration: FIX, Java, native protocols

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Make TradeLocker available in your Brokerage and give your clients access to the next-gen trading platform.

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