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Broker Platform

White label day-trading platform for brokers and prop firms

Back Office

A web-based operations tool to monitor and manage client orders and positions, adjust risk settings, and manually manage accounts.

Dealer Terminal

With the Dealer Terminal application, dealers can monitor a multitude of user account parameters in real-time, utilizing extensive filters and grouping functionality for swift data navigation.

Manual booking

Many brokerages will find it essential to manually enter client transactions into the system, especially when they are executed using other trading systems.

Trading on behalf of a client

Dealers can also execute client orders directly in the platform upon receiving a direct request from the client, such as through phone dealing.

Four Eyes

Our platform includes a robust control mechanism aimed at ensuring comprehensive oversight and management of changes made by system administrators.

A specialized admin role, the Moderator, is empowered to review all modifications in back-office settings at the account, user, and user group levels.

All administrative actions are compiled for the Moderator’s review, with the option to enable or disable this feature as needed for added flexibility and control.

Revenue Plans

Maximize your revenue potential with our system’s comprehensive Revenue Plans, all designed to optimize your financial operations.


Our system boasts the ability to create an unlimited array of commission plans, featuring a versatile commission constructor to accommodate even the most intricate setups, with the added flexibility of customizing values at the instrument level.

Fill per lot

Per fill

Per transaction

Per phone transaction Fill volume %

Order volume %

Order per lot


Our spread plan offers the flexibility to adjust bid/ask prices in various modes, allowing for a single instrument to be part of multiple spread plans, each with uniquely assigned values.

Not fixed


By (Bid + Ask)/2


The swap plan elegantly facilitates the charging of overnight fees, with the convenience of importing values from a CSV file and the capability for automatic updates at regular intervals.

Broker percent

LIBOR + Broker percent

LIBOR + LP + Broker percent LIBOR long/short + Broker percent TN + Broker percent

Markups on currency cross rates

Our markup plans adeptly mitigate currency risk by applying additional markups to conversion rates, enhancing the accuracy of margin and profit/loss calculations for user accounts.

Add markup to cross rates for currency conversions in the system

Secures broker from rapid market moves against margin exposure

Enable including all costs associated with currency conversions regarding user accounts.

Work with FX and cryptocurrencies in real time

Custodial fees

The custodial plan provides a feature to levy fees on users for the secure storage of their owned securities.

Calculations on positions and balances

Calculated every day and debited at the end of the month


Conditional Fees

The Condition Manager allows for the integration of optional conditions into existing revenue plans, enabling tailored modifications to how these plans are executed.

At the end of the month

Based on the amount of trades

At a stop out

With fees related to the asset price (e.g. ‘penny stocks’ vs normal stocks)

On behalf of the account owner (in case of managed accounts)


Our back-office is your command center for comprehensive reporting. Tailor reports with precision, delving into the details that matter most.


Start-of-day and End-of-day processes in our system are automated, triggered by activities within the system and capable of interfacing with third-party systems to retrieve data and execute based on preset parameters.

EOD Reports

Ability to generate any type of end of day reports (trades/positions/balances) for external systems.

SOD Reports

Ability to get any start of day reports (trades / positions / balances) from the external system.


Automatic reconciliation of trades, positions, and balances after getting the start of day reports.

Report only mode

“Report only” mode to find differences without an automatic reconciliation


“Our system comes with a wide range of pre-defined report templates, allowing TradeLocker’s back-office reports to include any information available within the system.

Pre-defined Templates

Equipped with a wide array of pre-defined reports, the back-office lets you see all information available.

Customization and Flexibility

We offer the flexibility to create custom report templates to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Versatile Reporting Options

Generate reports manually or automatically. Choose between one-time or set up periodic reports.

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