Develop scripts.
Make money.

We are looking for traders and programmers that can make a contribution to our community and platform.

What are the
TradeLocker Labs?

Since the launch, we got lots of support from our Discord community and have decided to reward those who contribute.

TradeLocker Labs is a 1 million dollar fund dedicated for anyone who decides to help us make TradeLocker the best trading platform out there.

How much can I make?

Depends on your contribution level, case to case basis, As TradeLocker is growing, there will be more opportunities and we want to grow with you if you contribute.

Help us make TradeLocker the best algo-trading environment out there.

Are you experienced in writing indicators and trading strategies that beat the market?
Help us design and create the next-gen algotrading environment that allows both first-timers and experts to quickly develop new bots, signals, and indicators, transfer their existing custom scripts from TradingView or MetaTrader 5 (EAs), and earn more money.

Develop new or replicate existing custom scripts for TradeLocker.

Do you have EAs or TradingView scripts that you would like to:
1. Use on TradeLocker,
2. Offer to TradeLocker users?
We will pay you to transfer your scripts to TradeLocker. This way, TradeLocker users can improve their performance, and you can reach more potential customers.

Connect us to brokers or prop firms.

If you would like your favorite broker or prop firm (funded accounts) to use TradeLocker, consider making an introduction. We have much more to offer than what is obvious. If the introduction turns into a business relationship, you will receive the TradeLocker Labs fund reward.

Connect us to your favorite tools.

If you have a tool you love using and would like us to integrate it with TradeLocker, please make an introduction. If your direct introduction turns into an integration, you will receive the TradeLocker Labs fund reward. 

What are the next steps?

1 - Reach out

Submit the form, and we'll reach out through Telegram or email.

2 - Meet

We’ll talk about how you would like to contribute.

3 - Plan

We’ll take action to make the plan come true.

4 - Execution

We execute the plan and pay you via fiat or crypto.

Reach out and partner up.


Unlock potential.
Lock in profits.

No downloads or annoying steps to start trading. Experience seamless trading directly from your browser on desktop, tablet and mobile, allowing you to trade anytime, anywhere.

Day trade on Tradelocker trough a mobile phone

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