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On-chart Trading

Please bring on chart trading and SL/TP lot ratio in % to TradeLocker on mobile

Let your users be heard and feel understood. TradeLocker is designed by an echo of voices of over 2.5 million traders. Elegant and intuitive interface, coupled with a treasure trove of features, unfolds the future of trading at your fingertips.


Would be nice to see potential loss/ profit after trade has been placed like its showing the floating pnl


Alerts - Notifications. The most basic being price cross.

On-chart Trading

Drag and drop.
Accurate. Efficient.

Take your customers to a new world where they can execute trades directly on the chart itself. Help your users seize the opportunities with precision

One-click Trading

Witness the

Trade Microlots

Swim fearlessly in muddy waters.


Let your clients use already familiar indicators.

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User friendly experience.

Provide clients with a clean, customizable, and intuitive interface.

Why choose Tradelocker?

Upgrade your trading game with TradeLocker’s comprehensive suite of tools designed to help both novice and experienced users make quick and accurate market decisions.

Quick integration

Ensure a seamless integration with your existing setup. We adapt to multiple providers.


Your expenses should make sense. Stay in control and pay only per active monthly user and volume traded.

White label

Want to grow your brokerage/prop firm? We got you! We can be your growth partner, every step of the way.

Trading platfrom
for Brokers

Make TradeLocker available in your brokerage and give your clients early access to the future of trading. This form is for B2B collaboration only. Please use Early Access Form if you are a trader.

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