Broker Platform

White label day-trading platform for brokers and prop firms


Full freedom in connectivity to markets. More than 60 integrations are ready to go, and list is constantly updated with the new integrations.

Supported Instruments

Our platform provides a wide selection of trading instruments designed to suit various investment strategies.


  • Equities
  • ETFs
  • Equities CFD

Derivatives & Leverage

  • Options
  • Futures
  • Futures CFD

Currency & Crypto

  • Forex (Foreign Exchange)
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Spreadbet

Debt Instruments

  • Bonds
  • T-Bills
  • Bonds T-Bills

Market Data

Access essential market data with ease through our platform, offering real-time and historical data integrations, customizable subscriptions, and an automated billing system based on user plans and data usage.

Multiple gateways to market data vendors.

Integrations for real-time and historical data.

Flexible subscriptions for lvl 1 & 2, real-time, & delayed quotes.

Generator of real-time data into delayed quotes.

Automated charging subscription mechanism.

Order Management System

Discover the efficiency and versatility of our order management system, designed to streamline trading with a range of advanced features and integrations.

Integration & Connectivity

Ready-to-go integrations with brokers, banks, prime brokers, ECNs (Electronic Communication Networks), and exchanges.

Supports connections to various trading venues, with the ability to allocate access to different user groups.

Order Management

Supports multiple order types including Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit, and Trailing Stop orders.

Allows for pending orders to be triggered locally within the system or routed to external trading venues.

Advanced Trading Tools

Equipped with a drop copy mechanism for real-time copying of trades to another system or destination.

Satellite route feature that enables mapping multiple market data sources to a single trade execution route for optimized order execution.

Customization & Preferences

Option to display quotes in user-preferred pricing units, such as cents instead of dollars.

Risk Management System

Experience enhanced security and control with our risk management system, meticulously designed to safeguard your trading activities.

Use profit in margin available

Use unsettled profit in margin available

Use unsettled loss in margin available

Use assets to cover shorts

Max concentration % and many more.

Trading Types

Fully paid trading
Marginal trading for equities and CFDs
Marginal trading for derivatives (SPAN and CBOE)

Margin Types

Overnight margin
Hedge margin
Possibility to set different Long\Short margins

Individual risk limits

Enhance your trading safety with our system’s individual risk limits, featuring proactive warnings and portfolio concentration strategies, designed to minimize risk for day traders and proprietary trading firms.

Loss Limits

  • Daily loss limit
  • Unrealized loss limit
  • Weekly loss limit
  • Max trailing drawdown
  • Max drawdown level

Position & Order Limits

  • Total max position qty
  • Max positions #
  • Max pending orders #
  • Max order capital
  • Max pending orders value
  • User max day’s value

Risk Management & Targets

  • Max order amount
  • Daily profit target
  • Stop out by risk rules

Short Sale

Explore our platform’s advanced Short Sale feature ensuring traders can effectively manage their positions in accordance with broker requirements.

Trading Types

Fully paid trading
Marginal trading for equities and CFDs
Marginal trading for derivatives (SPAN and CBOE)

Margin Types

Overnight margin
Hedge margin
Possibility to set different Long\Short margins

Intraday / Delivery mechanism

Our system adeptly handles both delivery and intraday modes, discerning between day and overnight margin values, thereby enabling seamless interchangeability for the same instrument in different trading modes.

Tiered Margin

Discover our advanced margin calculation method, offering multi-level margin requirements tailored to different portfolio values, simplifying the process for brokers by eliminating the need for manual monitoring and adjustment of account margins.


The platform includes a sophisticated scheduler mechanism, designed for automating repetitive actions or executing tasks at specific times.

Fee & Interest Management

  • Change Commission, Spread, Swap plan
  • Fixed commission
  • Interest on balance
  • MAM management/ performance fee

Trade Management

  • Open/Close trading
  • Move position T/T+1
  • Run corporate action
  • Run swap
  • Short sell reconciliation

Reporting & Reconciliation

  • Account balance reconciliation task
  • Reconciliation
  • Send report
  • End of day commission


  • Broadcast message

Corporate Actions

The platform facilitates the automation of corporate actions through a dedicated scheduler task, easily configurable and connectable to the relevant data source.

Fee & Interest Management

  • Dividend reinvestment
  • Dividends on position
  • Split/Reverse split
  • Bonus issue

Trade Management

  • Capital reduction
  • Symbol change
  • Cusip change
  • Reorg (Delisting)

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