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While a traditional day trading platform remains stagnant, the TradeLocker team innovates. We built TradeLocker for you – whether you are a trader wanting to use technology to your advantage or a broker aiming to provide the best tools for traders of all levels.

TradeLocker isn't my broker?

Read what are the key differences between TradeLocker and your brokerage. You will learn who handles your assets, trades and who provides the trading technology.

How can TradeLocker help change your trading game?

TradeLocker provides high-quality charts and indicators for informed decisions, advanced risk management with stop loss and take profit features, and a web-based platform for trading anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Make better decisions.

Improve risk management.

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We listen to our users. Here’s some feedback we got while working on making TradeLocker your favorite trading platform.

Luke Cohen

So far so good

So far so good, as a experienced trader everything I have seen so far this is by far the only other platform I have enjoyed using on my multiple prop accounts.
Tyreek B
Gotten a lot better and I prefer it now
J. J. NChuck
I don’t quite understand all the negative reviews..I switched platforms due to my prop firm made me due to regulatory issues with traders in the US. I love tradingview and I now can mark up my charts for supply and demand levels with ease and trade off those areas. Execution is pretty spot on and it’s very easy to set stops. Also when you increase your lot size it auto calculates for risk before you place the trades and when you pull stops up or down, it’ll show you how much you’re risking as well. (which I really love that!) Only thing I’m not sure of is setting trailing stops, but overall if you like tradingview you’ll love tradelocker!
Best trading platform
I’ve been trading for 4 years this platform is pretty good considering what it’s being compared to. Having the full range of your charts from TradingView available to you with the ability to place and close drag and adjust positions Stoplosses and Take profits in real time while price is moving is pretty good. Like bincitoe said it’s still brand new and getting updates regularly so there are more features in the pipeline to come to the platform to make it better but it’s pretty good for the state it’s in now to trade on reliable and you don’t see those weird gaps in charts like other platforms

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Upgrade your trading game with TradeLocker’s comprehensive suite of tools designed to help both novice and experienced users make quick and accurate market decisions.

SL&TP Calculator

Visualise your decisions in more than one parameter.

Whether you’re thinking in dollars, small market moves, or a chunk of your savings, we’ve got you covered. No need for fancy math, just tap and decide.

TradingView charting

Our integration with TradingView offers access to hundreds of customizable charts and custom indicators, to help you view real-time market data, track price movements across multiple assets, and make quick, accurate market decisions.

Trader-friendly interface​

A clean, customizable, and intuitive interface that allows you to easily navigate and perform trading activities.

tradelocker trade on chart

Trade on chart​

Perform trading operations on the chart with ease along One-Click Trading.
tradelocker one-click trade

One-click trade​

Streamline your trading and open positions quicker with one-click trading.

trade microlots

Trade micro lots​

Trade a minimum lot size of 0.01 to spread the risks involved in high-volume trading.

One platform, multiple devices

Enjoy flexible trading, on your terms. TradeLocker lets you switch between a seamless, no-download browser view and our versatile mobile app, allowing you to trade anytime, anywhere.

Everything you need.

Get Early Access, and find everything you need to trade and profit.

500+ Assets
Access 500+ tradable assets for better, diverse portfolio building.
Day trading platfrom order panel on tradelocker
Easy To Use
Customizable interface designed for both novice and professional traders.
Chart library on Tradelocker day trading platform
Chart Library
Integration with Trading View: hundreds of charts and indicators access.
day trading platform order history
Order Panel
Effortlessly manage all your trades within one user-friendly panel.

solution for brokers.

Make TradeLocker available in your brokerage and give your clients early access to the future of trading.

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