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please generate a MACD strategy

This class uses the MACD indicator’s components (macd line, signal line) and crossover signals to inform buy/sell decisions. Remember to set your backtesting configurations and live trading cofigurations appropriately when using this strategy.

Thanks, now please modify my code to make the macd1 equal to 10, and use a different Crossover indicator

Okay, I’ll update your ‘MACDStrategy code with ‘macd1’ set to 10 and use a differnet crossover indicator. Instead of using ‘bt.indicators.CrossOver’ and ‘bt.indicators.CrossDown’, I’ll implement a custom logic for the crossover by comparing the current and previous values of the MACD line and signal line. Here is your modified code:

					class MACDStrategy(bt.Strategy):
    params = (
        ('macd1', 21),
        ('macd2', 26),
        ('macd3', 9),
  def log(self, txt, order):
      dt = dt or 
      print(f'{dt.isoformat()} {txt}')
  def __init__(self):   
        self.macd = bt.indicators.MACD(
      self.crossup = bt.indicators.CrossOver(
        self.macd.macd, self.macd.signal
      self.crossdown = bt.indicators.CrossDown(
        self.macd.macd, self.macd.signal

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Easily create or modify your strategies. Our AI doesn't just build strategies; it helps refine them with backtesting and improvement tips, speeding up your path to success.

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Whether you are new to Python or not, you will find your code easy to read and edit in case you need to tweak some parameters. TradeLocker Studio gives you the possibility to use a vast array of libraries for whatever you set your mind to.

					import math
import backtrader as bt

class MeanReversionStrategy(bt.Strategy):
    params = (('period', 25),)

    def __init__(self):
        self.executed_prices = []

    def notify_order(self, order):
        if order.status == order.Completed:
            self.log(f'{"BUY" if order.isbuy() else "SELL"} EXECUTED, Price: {order.executed.price:.2f}, Cost: {order.executed.value:.2f}, Comm {order.executed.comm:.2f}')
            self.order = None

            if self.executed_prices:
                geometric_mean_price = math.exp(sum(math.log(p) for p in self.executed_prices) / len(self.executed_prices))
                self.log(f'Geometric Mean of Prices: {geometric_mean_price:.2f}')

    def log(self, txt, dt=None):
        dt = dt or self.datas[0]
        print(f'{dt.isoformat()}, {txt}')


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Your data security is our top priority. TradeLocker Studio uses advanced encryption and security protocols to protect your information. Additionally, your trading strategies are stored locally on your device, ensuring that you have exclusive control over them.

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Currently, logging into TradeLocker Studio using a TradingView account is not supported. TradeLocker Studio requires creating a separate account, which ensures a tailored and secure experience specific to our platform and its unique features.

TradeLocker Studio does not currently support the direct use of TradingView community scripts. Our platform has robust tools and features to offer a unique and comprehensive trading experience. We encourage users to explore the vast array of functionalities that TradeLocker Studio provides for creating and managing trading strategies.

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