Trading features that lock you in.

Become the hottest trader out there. We will provide you with our secret fuel.

SL&TP Calculator

Visualise your decisions in more than one parameter.

Whether you’re thinking in dollars, small market moves, or a chunk of your savings, we’ve got you covered. No need for fancy math, just tap and decide.

Dollar Goals

Want to risk $200 for $1200 profit? Aim high or set your safety net – you’re in control.

Relative Ticks Value

Tap into the market’s pulse. Input the relative market movement from the opening market price.

Percentage Risk

What percent of your current account balance are you willing to risk? You decide.

The Classic Way

Some things never go out of style. Combine the Lot size with the market price to achieve your goal.

Risk Calculator

Risk a fixed dollar amount and your order size will be calculated based on the stop loss price and your specified risk amount.
On-Chart Trading

Drag and drop.
Accurate. Efficient.

Seamlessly execute trades directly on the chart and experience the thrill of real-time trading. Place, change, and cancel orders right on the chart, making it easy to react instantly to market movements.

React quickly with On-Chart Actions

Execute market or pending orders instantly on the chart. Simply click the plus button next to the price axis where you want your order. For market orders, select SL or TP options, and you're set.

Set trades on the Floating Order Panel

Enjoy a full chart view with a floating order panel positioned wherever you need it. For enhanced control and risk calculation, take matters into your own hands.

One-click Trading

Witness the

Trade Microlots

Swim fearlessly in muddy waters.

Trade 500+ assets

Our range of tradable assets is tailored to help you see beyond the horizon, changing your reality, one trade at a time. From Forex Pairs to Crypto CFDs, Equity CFDs and more, we've curated an environment where your curiosity leads to discovery. With TradeLocker, your aspiration meets action. Step into a world where your trading vision transforms into your reality.

Search assets

Easily find what you’re interested in


Automate your trades

take profit stop loss trading feature
Partial closing

Minimize risks

partial closing trading features
Pending orders

Make plans
for the future.

pending orders trading features and usability features

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