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Group 5 + Group 4 Mask 141.200 141.000 140.800 140.600 140.000 139.800 139.600 139.400 139.200 139.000 138.800 138.600 138.400 141.200 140.197 140.210 140.215 140.268 140.669 USDJPY 15 Forex Majors ALMA MA Cross 9 26 9 0.85 6 138.992 138.900 +0.0024(+0.02%) 138. 173 139. 521 ø
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Capture a detailed close-up with a shorter timeframe using TradeLocker Charting Features. For long-term investing, visualize a broader landscape with our extensive charting tools.

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Utilize TradeLocker Charting Features with more than 50 drawing tools for executing the best trading strategies. Here are the most commonly used tools from TradingView.


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Paralel channel

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Gann box

Fib retracement

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