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Q3 2023

Trade size input options

Enable inputting amount in both lots and $

Quick funds transfer from TradeLocker

A button that allows you to make funds transfer directly from TradeLocker

Show bid and ask on the chart

Show the ASK price (not just bid) and offer an option to toggle each on and off

Instrument info

See important information about every instrument (commissions, swaps, exchange etc..)

SL/TP calculator

Set SL/TP in ticks, %, market price or $

Late 2023

Full screen trades panel

Show all trades/positions/history in full screen so it can be on a second screen for trading

On-chart trading (pt. 2/2)

Make trading possible using just a TradingView, no additional panels

Mobile push notifications

Get email alerts on your closed positions

Trailing stop loss

Use trailing stop loss to improve your trading performance; server side processing so that it works even when the app/terminal is on

Lock SL/TP ratio option

Lock your Stop Loss and Take Profit in a fixed ratio to optimize trading performance – set up Stop Loss & Take Profit faster

Default SL/TP with every trade

Option to apply SL and TP by default on every new order/positon

Shareable trades

Enable social sharing of your trades

Themes (& light theme)

Add a button for light/dark theme switch


TradeLocker custom scripts

Custom scripts for bots, signals, indicators and strategies

Strategy back-testing

Test your trading strategy on historical data


Click to share a live or closed position with an animated video of your trade, a closed position summary, and your affiliate link

Social Mode

One-click to start and stop streaming, or record a video and share it directly from TradeLocker

Affiliate Mode

Features that help you earn more with affiliate sales, such as social sharing, affiliate links, and sending affiliate emails. Customize your platform before starting to stream and add affiliate links to content you share from TradeLocker

Jet Mode

Set trading rules before flying to manage risk and make the platform useful in your private jet; test your strategy by using historical data and back-testing feature

Cumulative Trades

Set rules to close positions all together when you reach cumulative P&L

Custom Stop Loss Logic

Prevent haunts and fakeouts by defining what stop loss means to you and creating your own logic

User acquisition and retention features for brokers

Trade challenges, leaderboards, trade insurance, and more

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