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Comprehensive suite of tools designed to help both novice and experienced users make quick and accurate market decisions

Charting features

Charting within TradeLocker provides a dynamic canvas for traders, delivering advanced analytical capabilities, extensive drawing tools, a rich library of indicators, and customizable timeframes to empower informed trading decisions.

TradingView Charting

TradingView charting offers an exceptional analytical edge for trading, equipped with a host of features designed to enhance market understanding and decision-making

Access to a wide range of popular indicators

User-friendly interface
suitable for traders of all skill levels

Real-time data
integration for up-to-date market analysis

Supports a broad range of instruments and markets, for different trading strategies

Advanced Drawing tools

Empower traders with precision and flexibility for accurate technical analysis and better decision-making


Horizontal line

Paralel channel

Fib extension



Gann box

Fib retracement

Precise trendline

Annotate charts with shapes for clarity

Utilize Fibonacci retracements for key levels

Leverage pitchforks for
trend analysis

100+ Indicators

A comprehensive toolkit for technical analysis enabling traders to gain deeper insights and refine their trading strategies

Access to a wide range of popular indicators

Deeper insights into market trends and momentum

Enhanced decision-making with multiple analytical tools

Versatility to fine-tune trading strategies

Adjustable Timeframes

Flexibility to view market data at different intervals, from minutes to months, allowing for versatile analysis and trend identification

Versatile analysis with customizable timeframes

Precision in identifying short-term and long-term trends

Strategic planning and adaptable trading strategies

Enhanced decision-making through various perspectives

Trading Features

TradeLocker offers an encompassing range of features, providing a trading experience that covers everything you need for effective and efficient trading.

On-chart Trading

It streamlines the trading process by allowing traders to execute orders directly from the chart, providing real-time control, precision, and seamless execution.

Real-time order execution from the chart.

Increased precision in placing orders.

Streamlined trading for quicker decision-making.

Seamless execution for efficient trading strategies.


SL&TP simplifies risk management by automatically calculating and setting Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) levels

Automated calculation of SL and TP levels.

Efficient risk management for trade positions.

Precise control over potential losses and profits.

Enhanced trading discipline and strategy execution.

One-click Trade

One-click trade functionality in TradeLocker simplifies the execution process, enabling traders to enter and exit positions with a single click, ensuring swift and efficient trading execution

Effortless one-click order placement

Rapid entry and exit of positions

Enhanced trading efficiency for time-sensitive strategies

Streamlined execution for faster decision-making

500+ Assets

TradeLocker offers a diverse and extensive portfolio, enabling traders to explore various markets, instruments, and opportunities

Diversification of trading opportunities

Expansive range of markets and instruments

Enhanced potential for profit through varied assets

Flexibility to adapt trading strategies to other markets

Usability features

TradeLocker is meticulously designed with a focus on user experience, offering an intuitive interface that simplifies navigation and enhances efficiency.

Trader-friendly interface

Designed for ease of use and efficiency, providing an intuitive platform for traders to navigate seamlessly, analyze markets, and execute trades with confidence.

Intuitive and user-friendly platform

Efficient navigation for quick analysis

Enhanced user experience for productive trading

Supports a broad range of instruments and markets, for different trading strategies


Provide traders with the flexibility to trade smaller position sizes, allowing for precise risk management, the opportunity to diversify, and accessibility for traders of all levels.

Precise risk management with smaller position sizes

Diversification of trading opportunities

Accessibility for traders with various risk profiles

Versatile trading options suitable for all kind of traders

Pending Orders

Offer traders the advantage of pre-set buy or sell orders, allowing them to plan their trades in advance, set specific entry and exit points, and automate their trading strategies for convenience and precision.

Pre-set buy or sell orders for strategic planning

Precise control over entry and exit points

Automation of trading strategies for efficiency

Convenient execution of pre-planned trades

Partial Closing

Partial closing in TradeLocker provides traders with the flexibility to close a portion of their open positions, allowing for precise risk management and greater control over trade outcomes.

Precise risk management through partial closing.

The ability to book profits partially.

Enhanced control over trade outcomes.

Versatile strategies to close a portion of positions.

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