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Trade in the familiar environment.

We have integrated TradingView into our day trading platform. Work with all tools and over 150 indicators to analyse and execute trades.


Use modernized trading features.

Upgrade your day trading game with TradeLocker’s comprehensive suite of tools designed to help both novice and experienced users make quick and accurate market decisions.

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Convert ideas into bots and indicators.

Our AI turns your trading ideas effortlessly into automated strategies, offering you a seamless transition from thought to action.

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Locked in at first sight.

We listen to our users. Here’s some feedback we got while working on making TradeLocker your favorite day trading platform.

Im a fresh trader and I’ve seen a lot of profits, but the one thing I’ve loved the most about it is how easy it is to use. Within an hour or two I fully learnt the platform, its user friendly nature aided me in learning different terms and how general trading works. With TradeLocker you can also use it with funded challenges such as covefunded and funderpro where you can do challenges to learn and then if good use real funds! It’s great. I encourage everyone who’s willing to try it!
The Money Ocean
Excellent features and user friendly platform
Not too sure what all the fuss is about. This is a brand new trading app with very few glitches. I am happy with this.
Not gonna lie I day trade and I use this app everyday with my broker and has no problems. The more updates the better just make sure you guys keep up with the bugs and should be a great app
Nigatu Abdi
Love the platform it's very futuristic & useful features included here amazing, am so excited what the future holds in terms of trading

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We focus on creating advanced tools, charts, risk management features, such as stop loss and take profit so traders can trade anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Make better decisions.

Improve risk management.

Trade anytime, anywhere.

Learn from the best and join our trading community.

Learn from the best traders out there and talk to other people about Forex, Stocks, Crypto, Metals and much more.

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