published-date Published: October 7, 2023
update-date Last Update: November 23, 2023

Revolutionize your Brokerage: The TradeLocker Impact

Despite possessing decades of market experience, many brokerages struggle with reduced profitability and client retention. These challenges are often caused by outdated technology, user dissatisfaction and high fees or hidden charges that eat into revenue.

Learn how TradeLocker helped them take their brokerage business to the next level, catering to a broader audience while enhancing the overall user experience for their clients.

    1. Complex user experience

      An overwhelming and cluttered user interface is like a maze for both seasoned and new traders, causing frequent user complaints and support requests.

    2. Inconsistent support

      Many mainstream platforms can be very difficult to reach. Their slow response times and limited community engagement made the partnership even more challenging.

    3. Unexpected costs

      High subscription fees and hidden charges severely impacted profitability.

    4. Slow trade execution

      Poor performance of tech providers led to, lost trades and dissatisfied clients.


Discovering TradeLocker

Since its launch in April 2023, TradeLocker has quickly become one of the leading tech providers in the trading world, known for its intuitive, fast, and community-centric experience.

TradeLocker is a next-gen day trading platform built by listening to the needs and preferences of over 2.5 million traders.

“You can feel the excitement around TradeLocker. Seasoned traders love it because there is no clutter, and it contains exactly those features that pros want. On the other hand, novice traders love it because it’s very easy to use and the onboarding process is perfect for them.”

Considering the overwhelmingly positive industry response to TradeLocker, many brokers are interested in learning more about the growing platform on the market.

For example, briefly engaging with TradeLocker’s Discord community or scrolling through their social media channels instantly reveals the enthusiasm shared by thousands of traders. The community is actively co-creating TradeLocker, making it the best trading platform out there.

All in all, TradeLocker helped our client take the next step in their trading journey and start a new lucrative revenue stream, attract live traders to their brand, and establish credibility in the trading world.

Smooth integration with TradeLocker

Launching a brokerage can be an exciting venture with numerous benefits, but it’s crucial to have the right tools and resources to succeed. ****TradeLocker simplifies this by offering seamless integration and ongoing technical assistance.

“Integration with TradeLocker was impressively smooth, thanks to their amazing support team.”

Moreover, since TradeLocker takes care of the technology side of things, brokers finally have time to focus on marketing and sales.

Results and improvements

    • Trading volumes

      Within three months of using TradeLocker, the brokerage saw a 23% increase in trading volumes.

    • Transparent costs

      The transparent pay-as-you-grow model ensures brokers only pay per active monthly user and volume traded, eliminating surprise expenses.

    • Active monthly users

      The user-friendly interface appealed to seasoned traders, while its intuitiveness drew in new traders. The broker saw a growth of 16% in the number of active monthly users.

    • User retention

      Advanced features like on-chart trading and SL/TP calculator empowered traders to trade more efficiently. Improved user experience led to a 19% spike in user retention rates.

    • Trade execution speed

      With faster trade executions, broker’s clients were able to seize market opportunities more efficiently. The brokerage benefited from a 24% increase in trade execution speeds.

    • Community support

      Traders’ engagement with the TradeLocker Discord community led to a significant reduction in the need for customer support, allowing the broker to allocate resources more effectively.

Why do brokers choose TradeLocker?

TradeLocker is an innovative trading solution that addresses the real needs of both experienced and novice traders. Its focus on community-driven innovation makes it the perfect trading partner.

The pay-per-usage model maximizes profitability, making TradeLocker an ideal partner for any broker or prop firm seeking to modernize their trading experience.

“Switching to TradeLocker is effortless. And more importantly, it’s a partnership that pays off in more ways than one.”

With its easy-to-use, fast, and intuitive platform, built from the insights of 2.5 millions of traders, TradeLocker offers brokers an unbeatable edge in a competitive market.

Want the same results? Reach out to our team and let’s chat about how TradeLocker can take your brokerage or prop firm to the next level.