TradeLocker Broker Platform


Comprehensive suite of tools designed to help both novice and experienced users make quick and accurate market decisions

Charting Features

Provide a dynamic canvas for traders.

Advanced analytical capabilities, extensive drawing tools, a rich library of indicators, and customizable timeframes help traders to get a superior market insight.

TradingView Charting

TradingView charting offers an exceptional analytical edge for trading, equipped with a host of features designed to enhance market understanding and decision-making

  • Advanced technical analysis tools for comprehensive market insights
  • Supports a broad range of instruments and markets, for different trading strategies
  • Real-time data integration for up-to-date market analysis
  • User-friendly interface suitable for traders of all skill levels
  • Advanced Drawing tools

    Empower traders with precision and flexibility for accurate technical analysis and better decision-making

    • Precise trendline creation
    • Annotate charts with shapes
    • Utilize Fibonacci retracements
    • Leverage pitchforks for trends

    100+ Indicators

    A comprehensive toolkit for technical analysis enabling traders to gain deeper insights and refine their trading strategies

    • Access a wide range of popular indicators
    • Deeper insights into market trends and momentum
    • Enhanced decision-making with multiple indicators
    • Versatility to fine-tune trading strategies

    Adjustable Timeframes

    Flexibility to view market data at different intervals, from minutes to months, allowing for versatile analysis and trend identification

    • Versatile analysis with customizable timeframes
    • Precision in identifying short-term and long-term trends
    • Strategic planning and adaptable trading strategies
    • Enhanced decision-making through various perspectives

    Trading Features

    Most sought-after trading tech stack.

    Offer features that make trading not only easier but more profitable for your business. These next-gen utilities will help your brokerage boost trading volume and engagement.

    On-Chart Trading

    Streamlines the trading process by giving traders an option to execute orders directly from the chart, providing real-time reaction to volatile markets.

    • Real-time order execution from the chart.
    • Increased precision in placing orders.
    • Streamlined trading for quicker decision-making.
    • Seamless execution for efficient trading strategies.

    One-click Trade

    Simplifies the execution process, enabling traders to enter and exit positions with a single click, speeding up the pace of trading decisions.

    • Effortless one-click order placement.
    • Rapid entry and exit of positions.
    • Enhanced trading efficiency.
    • Faster decision-making.

    SL&TP Calculator

    Stop Loss and Take Profit Calculator helps traders automatically calculate trades and visualise risk management in 4 different aspects.

    • Automated calculation of SL and TP levels.
    • Efficient risk management for trade positions.
    • Precise control over potential losses and profits.
    • Enhanced trading discipline and execution.

    Floating Panel

    Let your traders take advantage of trading on a full screen. Our Floating Panel combined with On-Chart Actions enhances the trading experience to a new level.

    • Full screen trading experience.
    • Easy way to place market and pending orders.
    • Faster way to set up on-chart trades.
    • Helps traders make more detailed analysis.


    Usability features

    TradeLocker is meticulously designed with a focus on user experience, offering an intuitive interface that simplifies navigation and enhances efficiency.

    Margin call & stop out

    Enable users to view their margin exposure. Our margin level bar, displaying a percentage of margin used, informs traders of their capacity to withstand losses.

    • Prevent excessive losses and account stop outs.
    • Improve risk management and conscientiousness.
    • Help maintain necessary leverage levels.
    • Encourage responsibility around sizing trades.

    Portfolio trackers

    Upgrade your trading platform to an advanced approach that evolves with the market. Stay ahead through visual representations of your account.

    • Provide a holistic view of all trading activities.
    • Real-time updates on the account performance.
    • Make adjustments to optimize your returns.
    • Align your risk tolerance and investment objectives.

    Pending, current and past trades

    Provide your users with panels that outline their strategy. They can effortlessly switch from past, present to future, observing every detail to edit and review their moves.

    • Review historical performance & improve decisions.
    • Monitor open positions in real time.
    • Put trading on autopilot with pending trades.
    • Dynamically adjust strategies based on data.

    Closed positions

    Users can view their track record with Closed positions, profitable or not. Our panel assists them in escaping a trading rut more quickly.

    • Assess individual trading outcomes.
    • Learn on mistakes or successes.
    • Adjusting strategies to avoid recurring mistakes.
    • Boost trading confidence with informed decisions.

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