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published-date Published: July 27, 2023
update-date Last Update: October 26, 2023

How to use full-screen charts?

Using full-screen charts allows you to maximize your view of the price action and indicators. That way, you can do a more detailed analysis of the market.

When charts are displayed in full-screen, every detail of price action becomes more visible. From the nuances of individual candlesticks to the subtleties in various technical indicators.

This can be especially helpful when you are analyzing complex chart patterns. The expanded view makes it easier to identify critical support and resistance levels or intricate patterns.

Look on the top right of the chart and you’ll find that the full-screen mode icon is represented by a square made with full diagonal arrows.

Full-screen charts also provide the advantage of more easily spotting divergences between indicators and price action. This is vital for predicting future price movement. For example, spotting a divergence in a momentum indicator like the RSI becomes easier when you have a more expansive view of both the indicator and the price chart.

Lastly, a full-screen mode can also facilitate better focus and concentration.

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