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published-date Published: June 19, 2023
update-date Last Update: October 27, 2023

How to use on-chart trading?

On-chart trading is one of the most important and popular features on our platform. It allows you to be more flexible and provides you with a more seamless trading flow to set market and pending orders with Stop-Loss and Take-Profit levels.

Currently, you can use on-chart trading in combination with the order panel, but soon you’ll be able to execute orders right on the chart. Just make sure to track the progress in our Discord and on our roadmap.

How to open positions?

Find the asset you want to trade and click on the arrow (up) to fully open the order panel. When you do that, you will be able to change the order from market to pending and also set your Stop-Loss and Take-Profit. This action will trigger your levels to pop up on the chart in the forms of buttons. TP in green, and SL in red.

on-chart trading


To set your SL & TP levels, simply drag them on the chart and the prices will show on the order panel.

set tp & sl on-chart trading


You will notice a similar setup for your pending orders, except you will also have the possibility to set the pending price.

pending orders on-chart trading


You also always have the ability to edit your orders directly on the chart. Just find your order in the trade panel at the bottom of the interface. After finding the order you want to edit, click on the edit button on the far right:

edit order button


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