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published-date Published: April 6, 2023
update-date Last Update: November 17, 2023

What is the difference between the demo and live account?

All users at TradeLocker have the option to utilize a demo (practice) trading account in addition to their live (real-money) trading account.

TradeLocker Demo Account

At the moment, the only way to open a demo account is through your broker. Opening a demo account directly from TradeLocker will be available soon. Join TradeLocker Discord to receive updates.

A demo account is a great way to familiarize yourself with the platform and refine your trading skills risk-free with a trial trading balance.

Furthermore, after opening your demo account, you’ll receive a test balance, allowing you to try trading on TradeLocker risk-free and without any cost. It’s entirely safe and secure – even if all of your demo trades are unsuccessful, you won’t lose a single cent!

With a demo account, you can explore the markets and assets provided by TradeLocker, try different trading features, adapt to your trading style, and execute demo trades.

❗️You cannot withdraw money from a demo account. If your trades are profitable, think about upgrading to a live account for deposits and withdrawals.


TradeLocker Live Account

When you feel ready to use TradeLocker with real money, make profitable trades, and withdraw your earnings, you’ll need to contact your broker and check if they offer the TradeLocker trading platform.

❗️When you upgrade your account to live, you’ll still be able to switch back to the demo account and open multiple live accounts.

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