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published-date Published: May 3, 2023
update-date Last Update: October 27, 2023

How to know if the market is open or closed?


Knowing when the market is open or closed on TradeLocker is crucial for multiple reasons. First, trading hours determine when you can execute trades. This is vital for planning your trading activities and maximizing opportunities. Being aware of market hours helps you align your strategies with periods of high liquidity.

High liquidity usually leads to tighter spreads, benefiting traders. Understanding market timing also aids in risk management. Markets often experience higher volatility during opening hours or when multiple markets overlap. This information is invaluable for setting appropriate Stop-Loss and Take-Profit levels.

How to know if the market is open or closed.

Log into your TradeLocker account and move your cursor over to the instrument pair list on the right. Find your pair via the drop-down menu or the search bar.

If the color of that pair/instrument is grey, it means that the market is closed at that time. Find the example below: 

closed and open markets in tradelocker


You will also see a ‘Market Closed’ message above the chart in the top left corner.

market closed in tradelocker


Knowing when the market closes prevents you from being caught in unfavorable positions overnight, which could lead to substantial losses. It’s also essential for traders who employ day trading strategies, as they prefer not to leave positions open overnight. Being aware of market hours helps you prepare for important economic releases or news events that might affect your trades.

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