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published-date Published: May 14, 2023
update-date Last Update: March 13, 2024

How to delete a TradeLocker account?

If you’ve decided to delete your TradeLocker account, please be aware that TradeLocker does not directly handle account deletions. Instead, you’ll need to contact your broker to proceed with this request.

Here’s a simple guide to help you delete your TradeLocker account:

Step 1: Close all positions

Before proceeding, ensure you’ve resolved any open positions or pending trades in your TradeLocker account.

Step 2: Reach out to your broker

Each broker might have different procedures for account deletion, so it’s essential to follow their specific guidelines. When you contact your broker, have your TradeLocker account ID ready.

Step 3: Wait for broker confirmation

After submitting your request, wait for a confirmation from your broker that your TradeLocker account has been successfully deleted.

Step 4: Give us feedback

Please provide feedback to your TradeLocker or your broker about why you chose to close your account.


It’s crucial to work closely with your broker to ensure the process is completed smoothly and securely.

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