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published-date Published: July 25, 2023
update-date Last Update: March 21, 2024

How to read the current market price?

Knowing the current market price is foundational to any trading strategy and serves as the baseline for all trade decisions. Understanding this enables effective order placement, whether it’s a market, limit, or stop order.

It also helps in calculating risk-to-reward ratios, a key metric in any trading plan. Market price gives real-time insight into supply and demand dynamics, helping you gauge market sentiment. It’s crucial for setting realistic stop-loss and take-profit levels, which directly affect your profit and loss.

There are a few ways to read what the price of the market is currently trading at.

The first is just to look at the price axis on the chart and the current trading price will be highlighted.

You can also look at the current price on the instrument’s tab by searching the desired instrument.

Why knowing the market price is important

Knowing the current price allows for immediate comparison with historical data, aiding in predictive analysis. For short-term traders like day traders and scalpers, understanding this price is especially critical, as they rely on minute-to-minute price changes.

Being attuned to the current market price allows you to take advantage of fleeting opportunities that may arise during trading sessions. For options traders, understanding the market price is essential for pricing options contracts and assessing their intrinsic and time value.

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